Redefining Custom Menswear

Stitch + Heart is a men’s clothing company that offers one-on-one personal styling services, so you can look good while wearing more of the clothes you love to wear.

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Our Why

Our founders, Michael Barkin, a former Executive at Trunk Club and Bill Burnett, a LinkedIn Executive are more than just childhood friends, they’re business partners with a desire to combine charitable giving with their passion for building businesses.

As Bill navigated the unsettling reality of watching his mother battle cancer, he wanted to find a way to build a company that took profits and gave back to a cause that closely touched his new reality. They took Michael’s years of menswear experience, added Bill’s corporate tech experience and a founding principal of giving a percentage of profits away to individuals and organizations who need it most.

Stitch+Heart was born from charitable authenticity and a belief that clothes made specifically for you are more enjoyable that those made for the masses.

Combined with a network of trained and trusted stylists, the team at Stitch+Heart are committed to delivering your favorite fits across your entire wardrobe. Each member of the team prides themselves on their ability to get to know you, and learn about how they can best deliver you a clothing experience like no other.

Giving Back

At Stitch + Heart we believe businesses should give back and help support the world around us, that’s why as a company we are committed to donating to the cancer-fighting causes that are personal to us all.

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  • Heart + Sole
    Cancer Wellness

    In a fast-fashion consumer apparel market driven by cheap prices and even cheaper clothing, Stitch + Heart offers something different: a truly beautiful shopping experience. The upstart company describes itself as a stylist-led, 1-to-1 menswear experience prioritizing the customer.


    LIVE IN: Lincolnshire (Barkin) and Highland Park (Burnett). AGES: 38 CLAIM TO FAME: Barkin, a former executive at Trunk Club, joined forces with friend Burnett, a LinkedIn executive, to start Stitch + Heart.

  • Paying more than lip service to giving back
    Crains Chicago Business

    In July 2016, Bill Burnett received some of the best and worst news of his life. Burnett sold PointDrive, a sales technology firm he founded in 2013, to LinkedIn. Two days later, his mother was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer.

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Live in Chicago or passing through? We’d love to see you in our showroom and appointments are encouraged. Drop us a line and we’ll roll out the blue carpet.