What You Wear Matters

Stitch + Heart makes custom clothes to fit your lifestyle while giving to the cancer causes that mean the most to you. At the heart of it, it’s all about looking good while doing good.


Your Clothes

From casual wear to more formal attire, Stitch + Heart personalizes it all to reflect who you are and what your cause is. Custom clothes look, fit, and feel better when they’re made with you in mind.






 Your Cause

At Stitch + Heart we donate a portion of every purchase to the cancer fighting causes that are personal to you and stitch in a label that represents the good you are fighting for.



How It Works 


1. Visit our Chicago HQ

Come by and learn about what our team is trying to do. We’ll get to know your style, but most importantly, we’ll get to know you. No pressure. Our stylists will do all the work.


2. Get fitted

Everyone has a favorite shirt, jacket or pant. Bring those in so we can see what you enjoy wearing most. From there, we’ll make your best fit even better.


3. Choose your cause

It’s nice to have things made for you, it’s even more fulfilling to help others along the way. Each time you wear Stitch + Heart, you will carry your cause with you.

Some of our partners include:


4. Look great

Your clothes will arrive in just a few weeks. We’ll have a fitting to ensure an ideal fit, then they’re yours to enjoy!



Your Wardrobe

Here are just a few examples of what a Stitch + Heart wardrobe might look like.